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If you are like us, you don't want to overlook any precious soul that feels the need for a bible. To share the hope and joy that learning about Christ in the Word with the excellent study helps and EGW commentary that we know our unique bibles will bring to those in and out of prison, would be a blessing to our hearts as well as to theirs. We want to give you a special opportunity to share an EGW study bible with those who have sent letters to us from prisons across America requesting to receive their very own special copy.  You can donate any amount and partner with us to make this dream a reality for them!  ($55 will cover half of the cost to supply a prisoner with a new Bible, or cover the full cost to supply a prisoner with a seconds Bible. $110 will cover the cost of a brand new study Bible.) 


Here is a sampling of the touching letters that we receive on a monthly basis from inmates requesting a study bible from us:



"Dear Oklahoma Academy Publishing,

I just became a new member of the Seventh Day Adventist church and baptized. Thank you and glory to God! So now I am blessed to say I am a Sabbath keeper. Honor God and glory to Him. I have been studying Ellen G white, and her writings been a blessing to me the way she goes into detail about the scriptures. It's a blessing to me and brings joy to my heart, soul, and spirit. So I am writing to you for your blessing for study bible that has a concordance, Ellen G White commentary, Hebrew & Greek dictionary King James Version to further my studies. I come a long way in my walk, and I want to keep serving the Lord and to better me, and share the love of God around me. So I am asking for your blessing. Sincerely,"

~ CY





My name is ----------. I'm an inmate at ------------. I'm writing in hopes of being mailed one of your KJV The Mission Study Bible.  The man I share the same cell with has one of these bibles and I find it easy and enjoyable to read.  I really enjoy studying the Lord's word and I hope you are able to help me in this matter.  God bless, sincerely and respectfully,"





"To Whom it May Concern: 

My name is ------------. I have been incarcerated for almost four years and I have been on a journey with my Lord for the past year; it has been the best of my life. I was talking to a friend of mine and she let me read a bible study book and it was amazing! It was called the "Mission Study Bible KJV" and now it is one of my favorites! I was just wondering if I could please get one so I don't have to borrow hers please, and thank you so much."



Here is your opportunity: 

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