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Experience God's Word more fully through our best selling E.G. White study Bibles.

Mission Study Bible
A beautifully designed study Bible with commentary from over 63 E.G White books.
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Academy Study Bible
A study Bible equipped with the Strong's Hebrew and Greek Dictionary for the serious bible student.
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"As a long-time Bible student, I find this study Bible to be the
best all around tool in understanding the Word of God. You
have access to myriads of wonderful aids such as SOP, maps,
Bible studies, outlines and much more. When I show my friends
all that it has, they always want one too!"
- C. D. Henderson (Music Director at Oklahoma Academy)


Why get a study Bible?

“If there is only one study Bible you ever purchase or decide to give as a gift, this is without a doubt the best choice. The reader can not only study the Scriptures with a bountiful list of cross-references, maps, and histories, but may go even deeper with a clarity of expression and understanding given to the modern prophet by the LORD Himself.”

- Allen Davis PH.D (VP of Academic Affairs at Weimar Institute)