Daniel & Revelation - Ellen G. White Commentary Set Vol 1 & 2


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Ellen G. White Commentary on Daniel & Revelation


This elegant, pebbled black and white hardcover 2022 edition of volumes 1 and 2 builds upon the original 1957, 1977, and 1980 copyrighted SDA Bible Commentary from Review & Herald with an additional practical perk – a comprehensive and exhaustively keyed-to-scripture verse-by-verse commentary on Daniel and Revelation synthesized from the published and unpublished writings of Ellen G. White! Moreover, the original SDA Bible commentary on Daniel and Revelation is provided in the form of footnotes.


The books of Daniel & Revelation have always been vital to the spiritual dynamics of the Seventh-Day Adventist church, and now every true Sabbath keeper can be thoroughly familiar with their message and also firmly grounded in them. Features an elegant redesigned hardcover binding while keeping the same content as the previous edition.  Every facet of this EGW commentary encourages a deeper understanding of the books Daniel & Revelation. 


NOTE: The material is exhaustive only in the sense that all the major E.G. White comments on key passages of Daniel and Revelation are represented.  To keep the material within reasonable page limits, redundant comments were left out and the number of less profound statements was kept to a minimum. The effort was also exerted to conserve space by rounding off long statements which tended to be somewhat unrelated to the Biblical passage under consideration. Long statements were retained only when the context demanded it. 

To compensate for Ellen White's meager commentary of Daniel 11, supplementary material has been included. Though not intended to be a dogmatic portrayal of the theological issues involved in that chapter, the Supplement is, nevertheless, designed to show what is now the trend of thinking among scholars and Bible teachers in Adventist schools and colleges all across North America, particularly with reference to the unfulfilled section of Daniel 11. The serious-minded reader would do well to spend ample time reflecting on those pages. 

The SDA Bible Comments on Daniel & Revelation appearing as footnotes below the shaded line separators (         ) have also been synchronized with the Biblical passages.  They were added with the thought that the knowledge of the historical and literary background of the Biblical text could greatly serve to augment the spiritual insight afforded by the Spirit of Prophecy.  The section icon is found at the beginning of every group of topically related Spirit of Prophecy statements.  Topically related comments are always prefaced with the same title (typed in CAPITALS) which are direct quotations from Scripture. 


*Original SDA Commentary

*Ellen G. White Exhaustive Commentary

*King James Version

*The Book of Daniel in White Hardcover

*The Book of Revelation in Black Hardcover

*Extra Large, easy-to-read 12.5 font

*Hard Textured Pebble Covers

*Smyth-Sewn Book Block

*Footnote References

*Easy to Read Black Tab Marks for Chapter Headings



    Daniel - L 10" x W 7.5" x D 1.5"
    Revelation - L 10" x W 7.5" x D 2"

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    Daniel & Revelation - Ellen G. White Commentary Set Vol 1 & 2
    Daniel & Revelation - Ellen G. White Commentary Set Vol 1 & 2
    Daniel & Revelation - Ellen G. White Commentary Set Vol 1 & 2
    Daniel & Revelation - Ellen G. White Commentary Set Vol 1 & 2
    Daniel & Revelation - Ellen G. White Commentary Set Vol 1 & 2