Bible Accessories

Taking notes, cross-referencing, underlining, highlighting, and journaling, are all a part of creating a beautiful experience with your connection with God through His Word, and are an efficient way to easily locate, index, and visually track important themes and topics. Marking special areas of interest or passages for personal enjoyment becomes a pleasure with colored pens and pencils. Please take a look at all the fine Bible study tools and accessories collection we have painstakingly curated for you. 

Because Bible study should not be dull and boring. It should come as a sheer delight!


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Here are some of the things you will find in our collection:



*Bible Marking Kits

*Bible Book Verse Markers/Index Tabs


*Bible Cases (coming soon!)


Benefits of Color Coding the Bible

* Slows your reading down so that you see word relationships
* Helps trace ideas through a text more easily
* See an idea in its context more clearly
* Identify significant words
* Discover relationships between sentences, paragraphs, chapters, and books of the Bible
* Discover Biblical cross references to other verses more easily
* Increases your ability to memorize and recall Biblical passages
* Helps you focus more on the Biblical text rather than commentaries
* Keeps you focused on verse to verse study rather then jumping around

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