Highlighter (89076) 6-piece set Accu-Gel


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 The Accu-Liner Bible Marking Kit* 

Bring your Bible study to life with this 6-piece Bible Accu-Gel Highlighter Set. The non-bleeding, non-smearing gel highlighters provide the most accurate results, all in a silky, comfortable writing experience. Take your Bible study to the next level with this amazing set!

6 Accu-Gel Highlighters Colors:

~Pink ~ WHY?
~Blue ~ WHAT?
~Green~ WHERE?
~Yellow~ WHO?
~Orange~ HOW?

 Won't Bleed Through - Any Page

Glides Smoothly  - Across Page

Won't Smear - Other Inks

Bible Study Guide (in the product back cover)

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Benefits of Color Coding the Bible:

* Slows your reading down so that you see word relationships.
* Helps trace ideas through a text more easily.
* See an idea in its context more clearly.
* Identify significant words.
* Discover relationships between sentences, paragraphs, chapters, and Bible books. 
* Discover Biblical cross-references to other verses more easily.
* Increases your ability to memorize and recall Biblical passages.
* Helps you focus more on the Biblical text rather than commentaries.
* Keeps you focused on verse-to-verse study rather than jumping around.

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Highlighter (89076) 6-piece set  Accu-Gel
Highlighter (89076) 6-piece set  Accu-Gel
Highlighter (89076) 6-piece set  Accu-Gel
Highlighter (89076) 6-piece set  Accu-Gel