Pen (30506) Set of 6 - Pigma 01 & 05 Point Bible Study Pen Kit


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The Go-To set for Bible study, note-taking, journaling, and scrapbooking. Micron is the fineliner standard that delivers precision.

Create precise marks that stand the test of time with these professional inking pens used by artists, illustrators, professionals, and educators.

Set includes 6 pens with 2 different tips including: Pigma Micron 01 – 0.25mm (black) & 05 – 0.45mm (yellow, blue, violet, light green, pink)

*Experience smooth, skip-free writing in crisp, rich archival ink that achieves consistent line widths that won’t smear, fade, feather, or bleed through most paper even Bible paper!

*Pigma Micron ink colors are derived from single pigment colors for color consistency.


*Chemical and fade resistant


*Quick drying

*pH neutral

*Nontoxic and approved by ACMI toxicologists

*Bears trusted AP Seal.


Benefits of Color Coding the Bible

* Slows your reading down so that you see word relationships
* Helps trace ideas through a text more easily
* See an idea in its context more clearly
* Identify significant words
* Discover relationships between sentences, paragraphs, chapters, and books of the Bible
* Discover Biblical cross-references to other verses more easily
* Increases your ability to memorize and recall Biblical passages
* Helps you focus more on the Biblical text rather than commentaries
* Keeps you focused on verse-to-verse study rather than jumping around

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    Pen (30506) Set of 6 - Pigma 01 & 05 Point Bible Study Pen Kit
    Pen (30506) Set of 6 - Pigma 01 & 05 Point Bible Study Pen Kit