Pen (PH158) PENTEL All-in-One 8 colors


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Grab one of these lovely pencils and you will never worry about smears, blots, and bleed-throughs ever again! Perfectly suited for highlighting and underlining in your study Bible. In addition, you will find this a great tool for sketching, coloring books, or precise coloring in your journal. Be careful, you might get very attached! 

Eight bold no-bleed-through highlighting colors in one amazing pencil barrel:

  • red¬†
  • blue
  • brown
  • orange
  • yellow
  • light green
  • pink
  • light blue

2.0mm lead diameter produces bold lines of consistent density. Great for highlighting high cotton or linen fiber paper such as bibles, encyclopedias, and dictionaries. The best part is that no sharpening is required!  Refillable with Pentel CH2 lead.

Benefits of Color Coding the Bible

* Slows your reading down so that you see word relationships
* Helps trace ideas through a text more easily
* See an idea in its context more clearly
* Identify significant words
* Discover relationships between sentences, paragraphs, chapters, and books of the Bible
* Discover Biblical cross-references to other verses more easily
* Increases your ability to memorize and recall Biblical passages
* Helps you focus more on the Biblical text rather than commentaries
* Keeps you focused on verse-to-verse study rather than jumping around

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Pen (PH158) PENTEL All-in-One 8 colors
Pen (PH158) PENTEL All-in-One 8 colors
Pen (PH158) PENTEL All-in-One 8 colors
Pen (PH158) PENTEL All-in-One 8 colors