An Explanation About Fonts

You want a readable Bible text but you aren't sure what size will be adequate. You've bought Bibles in the past and did not like the strain on your eyes. Bible companies do not always list the font size. The more questions you ask the publisher or seller the more confused you get. 

Here is a straightforward article that will help you to understand better the dynamics and personality of the written fonts. In a nutshell, it is not just as simple as choosing a particular font size. There are other factors that play into the readability of a text.


The bottom line: you will need to be the judge yourself as to what font type and size and boldness is best for your eyes. 


We have chosen text styles and font sizes that are best for the majority of users and ages. However, we understand that being able to have the product in your hands is the best way to judge how well you will be able to read one of our Bibles or books. If you desire to receive a sample page of any specific bible or book, please request in our chat and we will be more than happy to send you a download or link for your evaluation.